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Sampling Science and Social Studies
Grade 1

Those who are looking for science and social studies for Grade 1 may want to use some of the Little Jewel Books and the God Is Good Series. Although not prepared as curriculum, many of them contain a sampling of science and social studies concepts.

This free pamphlet gives suggestions to help teachers develop the concepts in these storybooks.

Science & Social Studies 1

7140 Sampling Science and Social Studies   free

Our Father's World
Grade 2

Here is a simple course that introduces and explains basic geographical terms -- continent, ocean, lake, city, state, province, country. Basic surface features are discussed--mountains, hills, deserts, valleys, and plains. The purpose and structure of globes and maps are taught. Twelve of the 30 lessons are stories about children around the world. Each story is cast in the setting of a child's surroundings and activites on a March day.

At the back of the pupil's workbook is a section called "New Word Exercises," where the meaning and use of the new words used in a given lesson are taught by fill-in-the-blank exercises.

The teacher's manual booklet consists of the Lesson Aim or Facts Taught, a list of the New Words taught in that lesson, and Procedure, which is a suggested method of introducing the lesson. Answer keys are included.

Social Studies 2

19221 Pupil's Workbook   $5.95
19291 Teacher's Manual   $3.50

Understanding Our Community
Grade 3

This hardcover textbook of 31 lessons has been revised and incorporated into the Understanding God's World Series. The revision has simplified the scope of each lesson. Some of the social and civics content has been replaced with map-skills lessons. Six review lessons and six chapter tests are included. Most of the exercises are in the workbook, but a few are in the textbook.

This course gives the student an introduction to the community and shows how various organizations and public services operate. The goal is to foster an appreciation for the services offered and to help the student act responsibly. Most lessons are presented in story form so that the student learns through the eyes of the main character as he observes his community. The pupil's book has color pictures where color is important.

The Teacher's Manual contains a reduced copy of the textbook and workbook, with answers filled in. Surrounding the pupil pages are lesson concepts and teaching aids. Most exercises have answers that are easy to grade.

Social Studies 3

19301.3 Pupil's Textbook   $12.95
19321.3 Workbook   $2.95
19391.3 Teacher's Manual   $12.95
19311.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

Homelands Around the World
Grade 4

This hardcover textbook gives fourth grade pupils a glimpse of the world's geography, cultures, and wildlife from a Biblical perspective. The first chapter teaches a basic knowledge of the climate zones of the earth. Chapters 2-8 take the student around the globe, studying the geographical and cultural variations of different lands, including Nigeria, the Philippines, Australia, Europe, Japan, Siberia, Ecuador, and more. Chapter 9 prepares the student for the fifth grade book, Homelands of North America, by teaching a basic knowledge about the United States and Canada. Special attention is given to an understanding of the states, provinces, and regions of these two countries.

Mapmaking and geographical knowledge are emphasized throughout the course. The students are required to fill out blank outline maps for most of the lessons. The outline maps are included in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

Over 230 maps, illustrations, and photographs are shown in color or black and white. Study exercises are included for each lesson. There are 45 lessons, including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

A separate test booklet is available.

The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, the main points for each lesson, and an answer key.

Social Studies 4

19401 Pupil's Textbook   $17.95
194911 Teacher's Manual   $19.95
19411 Test Booklet   $2.25

Homelands of North America
Grade 5

This hardcover textbook discusses the history of the United States and Canada from precolonial times to modern days. American Indian culture, conditions in Europe leading to American colonization, explorations, early colonies, new governments, the spread of North American civilization, and more is taught from a Biblical perspective.

Over 280 maps, illustrations, and photographs are shown in color and black and white. Study exercises are included for each lesson.

Geographical knowledge and map making is emphasized in this course. Indian tribe distribution, early American settlements, westward expansion routes and patterns, modern political borders and geographical regions, and more are reinforced with exercises requiring students to fill out blank outline maps. The twenty basic outline maps are in the back of the pupil's textbook and may be copied or traced as needed.

There are 103 lessons, including the reviews at the end of each chapter.

A separate test booklet is available.

The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, the main points and Christian perspective for each lesson, and an answer key.

Social Studies 5

19501 Pupil's Textbook   $20.95
195911 Teacher's Manual   $23.95
19511 Test Booklet   $2.25

Understanding Latin America
Grade 6

This hardcover textbook covers the geography and history of the Latin American countries from a Biblical viewpoint.

Geographical and political features of Latin American countries are emphasized in the first eight chapters. Climates, population, exports, and other statistical information are discussed and map skills are taught. The last four chapters begin with a study of the ancient Indian empires, and cover Spanish exploration and conquest of the New World and move on to modern times. Glimpses of contemporary Mennonite missions in Latin America remind us of God's plan in spreading the Gospel to all mankind.

Many color and black-and-white maps, illustrations, and photographs are used. Study exercises and reviews are included. The book also has blank maps that may be traced or copied for map exercises.

The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, main points, Christian perspective, and answer keys. A separate test booklet is also available.

Social Studies 6

19601 Pupil's Textbook   $18.95
196911 Teacher's Manual   $21.95
19611 Test Booklet   $2.25

Understanding the Old World
Grade 7

This hardcover textbook covers the geography and history of Europe, Asia, Africa, and the Middle East from a Biblical perspective. The first 5 chapters emphasize the geographical and political features along with some cultural information. Chapters 6-30 cover history from the Creation to the Reformation and also touch on some modern times. The story of God's Old Testament people (the Jews) and His New Testament people (the faithful Christians) is woven into the history chapters.

Study exercises and reviews are included, and map skills and timelines are emphasized. The book has blank maps that may be traced or copied for the map exercises. Many color and black-and-white photos, maps, and illustrations help students understand what is taught in the text. Also featured are some plants important to the people of the Old World.

A separate booklet contains the tests.

The hardcover teacher's manual (ISBN: 9780739906866) contains a reduced copy of the student edition and includes teaching helps, main concepts, Christian perspectives, and answer keys.

History / Geography 7

19701 Pupil's Textbook   $26.95
197911 Teacher's Manual   $31.95
19711 Test Booklet   $2.25

Understanding North American History
Grade 8

This well-illustrated book tells the story of North America -- how Europeans discovered and explored this continent, what people lived here when Europeans came, how the newcomers settled the land, and how economic and cultural changes took place. In addition to United States history, this course includes an overview of Canadian history and of United States and Canadian geography.

The hardcover teacher's manual includes teaching helps, main concepts, Christian perspectives, and answer keys. For every chapter, suggestions are given for further research, which can be used as the basis for oral or written reports. In addition, there is a quiz on each chapter, which may be given as an oral or a written exercise.

A separate test booklet contains tests to follow every one or two chapters.

History 8

19801 Pupil's Textbook   $29.95
198911 Teacher's Manual   $35.95
19811 Test Booklet   $2.25

Understanding the Past Five Centuries
Grade 9

This course covers the last five centuries of world history from a Biblical perspective. Students will learn about different types of governments, and how economics and trade have affected countries. Influential worldly religions, philosophies, and economic systems are explained, such as Islam, Hinduism, deism, communism, democracy, socialism, fascism, imperialism, and capitalism.

The historical events selected for coverage are those that have had the greatest impact on history. Though wars and military actions are covered, they are not overemphasized. Some cultural trends and present-day problems are explained in light of God's Word.

The text also shows God's overruling hand in the history of Jews and Christians. Persecution and the development of religious toleration and religious freedom are discussed. Challenges for present-day Christians are given.

The text is divided into 28 chapters, with study exercises, chapter reviews, and some map work. Many color as well as black-and-white pictures, maps, and illustrations are scattered throughout the book.

The hardcover teacher's manual contains a reduced copy of each pupil's page. Surrounding the pupil's pages are the answer key, main points, Christian perspectives, and other helpful information. Suggested sources for further research are listed in the introduction for the teacher.

A separate test booklet contains tests to follow every two chapters, and a final test.

History 9

19901 Pupil's Textbook   $25.95
19991 Teacher's Manual   $31.95
19911 Test Booklet   $2.25

Geography Coloring Books

United States Coloring Book -- An educational coloring book for children of all ages. Interesting pictures illustrate the major industries of each state, each state map shows the location of the capital city, and state birds and flowers are drawn to color. 103 pages.

Canada Coloring Book -- This books covers the 10 provinces and the territories. Also included are the North Pole and Greenland. There are 4-6 pages devoted to each province. Capitals, provincial flags, floral emblems, trees, animals, mountains, and products are also pictured. 70 pages.

Latin America Coloring Book -- Have your children get acquainted with the people and lands of the West Indies, Mexico, and Central and South America while they color. One or more pages feature a map of each country, its native plants and animals, and its people and products. Very educational. Appropriate for elementary-aged children. 8.25" by 10.5" pages. 64 pages.

Beautiful India Coloring Book -- A unique coloring book with pictures of India. There are pictures of animals, trees, fruit, methods of work, and toys. This book is very educational. 64 pages.

Coloring Books

2932 United States Coloring Book   $3.50

2933 Canada Coloring Book   $3.50

2941 Latin America Coloring Book   $3.25
            2941.1   Spanish   $3.10

2937 Beautiful India   $3.25

Creation to Canaan
Grade 7-9

This softcover book covers ancient history from the Creation through the wilderness experience of the children of Israel. The Bible's family lines on both the godly and the ungodly are clearly defined in this volume. Many interesting facts are brought to light by the author. Much time and research has been spent in comparing the information with the Biblical record and other historians. Questions for study and class discussion, maps, and an abundance of photographs are included. The text has 66 lessons and 352 pages.

Bible History 7-9

19703 Pupil's Textbook   $11.95
19723 Pupil's Workbook   $5.75
19793 Teacher's Workbook Edition   $8.50
19713 Test Booklet   $2.25

Mennonites in Europe
Grades 9 and 10

This hardcover book reveals the principles of faith and the character of our early church leaders. Illustrations, notes and references, bibliography, and an index are included. Mennonites in Europe is very readable and may be used for Grades 9 and 10.

A study guide by James W. Lowry is available for use with the text. A test booklet and a test answer key are also available.

Mennonite History

2324 Mennonites in Europe   $16.75
19924.3 Study Guide   $5.75
19914.3 Test Booklet   $2.25
19994.3 Teacher's Manual   $7.25

Baker's Bible Atlas
Grades 8-10

This history/geography course is for use in Grades 9 and 10. It is a study of ancient history centered on the people of God. The study guide will help students learn the historical and geographical facts such as where Abraham walked, where Jesus sat, or where Paul preached. It may be used in personal study as well as group study. Students' personal Bible study will become more meaningful when they have a knowledge of the lands and people about which they are reading. The textbook is a hardcover book

The map booklet and test booklet complement the lessons in the study guide. The answer key includes answers for the map booklet and test booklet as well as for the exercises in the study guide.

Bible Geography

6022 Baker's Bible Atlas Textbook   $24.50
19822.3 Study Guide   $6.50
19882.3 Map Booklet   $2.75
19892.3 Teacher's Key   $4.50
19812.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

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