Ye Fathers

David G. Burkholder

Homes desperately need fathers who are serious about their accountability to God for how they raise their children. Fathering is soul-searching and at times soul-wrenching because it exposes a man's deficiencies as few other duties can. This book gives Biblically sound advice on communicating and building good relationships with your wife and children, transmitting the faith, child training and discipline, helping children to be socially compatible and resonsible, teaching them how to work and handle finances, and much more. The author gives practical suggestions on what to say and how to do these things.

Table of Contents

  • "Ye Fathers"
  • Your Children's Birthright
  • The Perfect Father
  • An Approved Father
  • Fathers Are Different
  • The Father's Outlook
  • The Father's Helpmeet
  • Communicating With Your Helpmeet
  • The Father's Adjustments
  • Building Relationships With Your Children
  • Basic Concepts of Child Training
  • The Spiritual Opportunities
  • Guiding Our Children to the Lord
  • Discipline in the Home
  • Developing Their Conscience
  • Guiding and Guarding Their Moral Purity
  • Character, Disposition, and Personality
  • Social Compatibility
  • Guiding Their Play
  • Helping Our Children Become Responsible
  • Teaching Them to Work
  • Communicating With Our Older Children
  • When There Are Differences
  • The Generation Gap
  • Helping Them With Finances
  • The Family Spirit
  • What Young People Say
  • Transmitting the Faith
  • Guiding Them Into Adulthood
  • When They Are Gone From Home
Hardcover -- 357 pages
Dimensions: 5.75" x 8.5"
ISBN: 9780739901991
Copyright: 1995
Rod and Staff Publishers
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