Earnestly Contend for the Faith

Mary Miller

A biography of Mennonite church leader Eli D. Kramer (1899 - 1966)

Please do not allow the Mennonite angle deter you from reading this witness of God's faithfulness in raising up men who make a difference in every generation.

Every Christian, regardless of denominational affiliation, needs to rise to this challenge to not compromise truth for expediency, to be faithful in the face of apostasy, to fear God above man.

Bishop Kramer often grieved for those who were turning away from the faith they once embraced. He saw dangerous changes in life and practice coming into the churches, changes that to him were a certain prelude to apostasy. With compassion and conviction, he vigorously preached against these trends, calling his flock to stand true to the Scriptures.

In the conference churches, a downward spiral of apostasy continued until finally Eli could no longer remain in the conference. He and other conference leaders of similar convictions concluded that the only way to save themselves, their families, and those in their realm of influence was to form new congregations returning to and honoring Biblical principles.

In this book, the author gives us glimpses into the life and times of Brother Kramer and into some of the events that surrounded the beginning of the Nationwide Fellowship churches.

123 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 0739923838
ISBN: 9780739923832
Copyright: 2007
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