The Shady Lawn Twins Learn Bible Truths

Mary Miller

Five-year-old twins John and Joy learn basic Bible truths in the course of "regular" living as well as on special occasions.
  1. Sharing Bring Happiness
  2. To Be Cheerful
  3. To Be Courteous
  4. To Be Merciful
  5. Reverence in God's House
  6. To Sing Praises to God
  7. About Death
  8. To Trust in God
At the end of each of the eight stories is a child's praise song. In giving up a very special doll during their visit to Grandma's house they learn that sharing brings happiness.

What happens on the day that Mother plans to clean the attic? Can John and Joy be cheerful even when they do not feel like it?

The twins also learn about mercy, about reverence in God's house, and about how to be happy when bad things happen.

Then beloved Aunt Ruth dies, presenting them with lessons about death and about new bodies in heaven.

In the last story, the twins learn about trust. God can help in the big things, but He also cares about the little things!

89 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 7.75"
ISBN: 073992382X
ISBN: 9780739923825
Copyright: 2007
Rod and Staff Publishers
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