When A Loved One Has Died

John Coblentz

The death of a loved one can leave us devastated, confused, angry, and drained. It can raise questions we have never faced before: Where are our loved ones after they die? Can they see into our life here? Will we ever see them again? Does everyone go to heaven? How will I make it now? Do I need to feel guilty for not doing more before my loved one died?

The questions that swirl through our minds when a loved one dies can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Some questions are very practical. Some seem to have no answers. All the questions that flood us at this time, point to the reality that death itself is a big question for us.

With life, we can plan. We can dream. We can chage course. We can learn. We know what we want to do and what we do not want to do. We have options.

Death disrupts all that. It is the end of plans, of communication, of choices. We look into the face of a loved one who has died and there is no response. No recognition. No smile. No softening of the eyes. Not a flicker. In response to the thousand questions tumbling about in our minds, there is only silence.

O Death! What are you? What have you done to my loved one? Where have you taken him? Does she still live behind, above, beyond the stillness of her body?

Death is a ponderous question. It has no satisfying answer from any living man or woman, whather philosopher or poet, mystic or realist.

Fortunately, our Creator has not been silent about death. God has spoken clearly, and if we listen to what He says, our hearts can find comfort and great assurance.

18 pages -- 4" x 6" Paperback
Dimensions: 4" x 6"
ISBN: 9780878136315
Copyright: 2006
Christian Light Publications
[When A Loved One Has Died (by John Coblentz)]

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