God's Will for My Body

John Coblentz

Growing up has always had its bumps and scrapes and secret fears. God has given parents the weighty responsibility of helping their children become adults -- safely. Sometimes that responsibility seems overwhelming. Other times it seems impossible. Besides the "normal" difficulties children face growing up, today there are a host of degrading influences hacking at the interests and ideals of our young people.

This workbook is not intended to replace the responsibility of parents, but to provide help. The material is such that it is not intended for indiscriminate reading by children or young people. Nor is it designed to be turned over to a young person at the opportune age as an assignment. The best way to use this workbook is for parent and child to work through it together, the parent reviewing the lesson first and then guiding the child.

The subject matter of this workbook is not household talk. This becomes an opportunity, then, to teach discretion. There are some things which are right and good in their place, but not suitable for general discussion. The wise parent keeps a relaxed and open atmosphere, but practices and teaches reserve in discussing such issues as are treated in these lessons.

We trust this workbook will help to maintain the Biblical perspective -- gladly accepting the reality of our physical bodies and their functions, but showing reserve, modesty, and dignity in the way we discuss such things and conduct ourselves.

This workbook can help parents in teaching their children about adolescent changes.

41 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 8.25" x 11"
ISBN: 0878135421
ISBN: 9780878135424
Copyright: 1992
Christian Light Publications
[God's Will for My Body (by John Coblentz)]

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