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The Completion of God's Plan for Man
Grade 10

This book completes the series of God's Plan for His People. It discusses the Creation and Fall of Man, his sinful condition and need of a Saviour, and God's plan of redemption and man's future as he responds to God's plan. The Bible is the pupil's textbook. The workbook guides the pupil as he looks up verses and answers questions that include some multiple choice and fill in the blanks, as well as questions requiring easy answers. There are some time-line studies and vocabulary exercises involving less-familiar words. Some exercises teach Bible geography and the use of Bible-study helps.

The teacher's manual contains a reduced copy of the pupil's workbook with the answers filled in. Oral reviews, main points, and other notes are in the margins.

The test booklet contains a test for each chapter and a final test on tear-out sheets.

Bible 10

17922 Pupil's Workbook -- Bible 10   $8.95
17992 Teacher's Manual -- Bible 10   $10.95
17912 Test Booklet -- Bible 10   $1.75

Communicating Effectively
Grades 9 & 10

This Bible-based, advanced grammar and composition course consists of parallel texts called Book One and Book Two. Either book may be studied first, and Grades 9 and 10 can be combined for English class if desired. Both books review grammar concepts from Grade 8 and previous years, but each one deals with different kinds of composition.

New grammar concepts include retained objective complements, nominative absolutes, subjects of infinitives, moods of verbs, and idioms. Composition skills in Book One include lessons on listening and speaking, Bible study, outlining, argumentative essays, poetry, and letter writing. Composition lessons in Book Two teach study skills, expository essays, stories, descriptions, reference sources, and parliamentary procedure.

Interspersed throughout both books are lessons to improve writing, speaking, and editing skills. Writing and speaking lessons focus on style rather than content.


12901.3 Book One Pupil   $15.95
12991.3 Book One Teacher's Manual   $19.95
12911.3 Book One Tests and Editing Sheets   $2.90

12902.3 Book Two Pupil   $15.95
12992.3 Book Two Teacher's Manual   $19.95
12912.3 Book Two Tests and Editing Sheets   $2.90

12931.3 English Handbook   $15.75

[Rod and Staff English Handbook]

Investigating God's Orderly World
Book Two -- Grades 9 & 10

This hardbound textbook was written to guide students in their growing awareness of the orderly world around them, its potential usefulness to the glory of God, and God's true relation to it as revealed in His Word.

Men have performed experiment after experiment to learn the whys and hows of electricity, heat, weather, plants, and almost every other feature of God's orderly world. Because science is orderly, many conclusions have been reached that are worthy of knowing and teaching. Investigating God's Orderly World Books One and Two are a collection of some of the more important discoveries of orderliness.

The information was gathered from many sources and reviewed for scientific accuracy. Many experiments are suggested to explain and illustrate the facts presented. In this way, the book promotes a practical working knowledge of the laws and wonders of God's orderly world.

The units are arranged to introduce concepts in a logical order. Each unit begins with an introductory page, which explains the Scriptural attitude that should be cultivated as the study progresses, stimulates interest with challenging questions, and acquaints the student with new vocabulary for the unit. Each unit is well illustrated with many original drawings and photographs. The units are divided into sections with study exercises for each section. At the end of each unit, study exercises provide review of the vocabulary and of the important facts and concepts studied.

These are the titles of the 12 units in Book Two: "Light," "Sound," "The Body, " "Behavior," "Work and Machines," "Energy and Engines," "Principles of Chemistry, " "Survey of Materials," "Electricity and Magnetism," "Generating and Using Electricity," "Reprodution and Heredity," and "Care of the Body."

The hardbound teacher's manual suggests procedures for teaching each unit. An outline of the major concepts to be taught in each unit is also included for the teacher's convenience. An answer key and a list of suggested equipment for each unit makes this guide very useful.


14808 Pupil's Textbook   $15.65
14898 Teacher's Manual   $10.50
14818 Test Booklet   $2.25

Mennonites in Europe
Grades 9 and 10

This hardcover book reveals the principles of faith and the character of our early church leaders. Illustrations, notes and references, bibliography, and an index are included. Mennonites in Europe is very readable and may be used for Grades 9 and 10.

A study guide by James W. Lowry is available for use with the text. A test booklet and a test answer key are also available.

Mennonite History

2324 Mennonites in Europe   $16.75
19924.3 Study Guide   $5.75
19914.3 Test Booklet   $2.25
19994.3 Teacher's Manual   $7.25

Baker's Bible Atlas

This history/geography course is for use in Grades 9 and 10. It is a study of ancient history centered on the people of God. The study guide will help students learn the historical and geographical facts such as where Abraham walked, where Jesus sat, or where Paul preached. It may be used in personal study as well as group study. Students' personal Bible study will become more meaningful when they have a knowledge of the lands and people about which they are reading. The textbook is a hardcover book

The map booklet and test booklet complement the lessons in the study guide. The answer key includes answers for the map booklet and test booklet as well as for the exercises in the study guide.

Bible Geography

6022 Baker's Bible Atlas Textbook   $24.50
19822.3 Study Guide   $6.50
19882.3 Map Booklet   $2.75
19892.3 Teacher's Key   $4.50
19812.3 Test Booklet   $2.25

Typing for Christian Service

This new typing course is designed to provide Christian schools with an alternative to the selections usually found in typing courses. Lesson selections are a variety of Scripture passages, songs, poetry, articles, and upbuilding stories. Through the completion of this course, students will type all of the Book of Philippians.

This course is designed for the ninth- or tenth-grade level.

The pupil's book is so designed that the student can move through the course mostly on his own, though teacher involvement is strongly encouraged. Spiral-bound with hard covers, this book stands nicely on its own.

The softcover teacher's manual contains pointers for each lesson -- objectives, teaching notes, and grading forms -- as well as an outline of the course.

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19981 Typing for Christian Service -- Pupil   $13.95

19989 Typing for Christian Service -- Teacher   $6.90

Recordkeeping for Christian Stewardship
Grades 9 & 10

Accuracy is of utmost importance in recordkeeping and is stressed in this course. From writing checks and balancing a checkbook to double-entry business accounting, this course teaches principles of good stewardship that prepare students for further service to the Lord.

The textbook consists of three main parts.

Personal Recordkeeping discusses basic forms and filing systems for personal banking, budgeting, borrowing, and paying taxes.

Business Recordkeeping deals with records such as cash receipts and payments, sales, inventory, and payroll.

Business Accounting teaches double-entry accounting, which involves debts and credits. It covers accounting forms and terminology, including ledgers, journals, and financial statements.

Each main part of the textbook ends with a project that reviews all the skills taught in that main part, such as managing the finances of a family or keeping the records of a business for a month.

The pupil book and the teacher's manual are hardbound. The workbooks have blanks and realistic forms to fill in. The test booklet has twenty-two tests on tear-out sheets, one for each chapter of the book.

The teacher's manual contains a copy of the pupil book with answers filled in. It also has a copy of the workbook and test pages with answers filled in.

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139011 Recordkeeping -- Pupil   $20.95

139111 Recordkeeping -- Tests   $4.25

139211 Recordkeeping -- Workbook 1   $10.50

139221 Recordkeeping -- Workbook 2   $7.75

139911 Recordkeeping -- Teacher   $23.95

five book covers: Recordkeeping for Christian Stewardship

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