A Way in the Wilderness

Elizabeth Wagler

Clare sighed in frustration, "Sometimes I think I should just go ahead and borrow a hundred thousand dollars and build my own shop, buy myself a set of good tools...."

"One hundred thousand dollars!" His wife, Ruth Ann, gasped, "Clare Miller!"

Clare gripped the steering wheel, whitening his knuckles. "I just don't know. It seems like we just don't get ahead like some people do. We have enough to make our house payments and live, so I suppose we should be content with that, even if others seem to have more."

"Seem to," Ruth Ann repeated with emphasis.

Clare and Ruth Ann Miller are caught in today's confusing economic wilderness. Striving to keep their heads above water financially, seeking a security that relieves them of the stress of a hand-to-mouth income, trying to economize in their lifestyle -- all pose their challenges.

Should Ruth Ann try to find something she can do to supplement her husband's fixed income? Is there something she can do at home and still take care of her house and family?

Should they go into deep debt and start a business of their own?

Then there is the promise they had made each other before they were married that they would never let themselves get strapped so tight financially that they would not be available for service for the Lord.

What is God's answer for them?

240 pages -- hardcover
Dimensions: 5.75" x 8.5"
Copyright: 1995
Rod and Staff Publishers


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