Tour of Europe

Elizabeth Wagler

Travels with Aunt Laura -- Book 3

Cousin Kathryn was staying with the Good family for the summer while her parents were in India. She had become one of the family. They played. They worked -- especially they worked! But as Kathryn and her cousins shelled peas and hoed weeds, Aunt Laura helped pass the time by telling stories of her travels. She had already told fascinating stories of her adventures in Africa and the Holy Land.

Kathryn looked forward to hearing about Europe -- about Rome, where Christians were martyred for their faith; the Rhine River, where castles clung to cliffs along its banks; Venice, where "streets" are water and "cars" are boats; Switzerland, the land of Heidi and the Alps; and many other facts about unfamiliar foods, customs, clothes, and people.

For an enjoyable and educational "visit" to Europe, come along and join the tour!

192 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 0878136339
ISBN: 970878136339
Copyright: 2006
Christian Light Publications


SUMMARY: Tour of Europe by Elizabeth Wagler