Sojourn in Africa

Elizabeth Wagler

Travels with Aunt Laura -- Book 1

Kathryn was sure she wouldn't be homesick, but that night when it was dark and everyone else was asleep, she lay wide awake with second thoughts. She would be staying with Aunt Laura's family all summer while her folks were in India. It would take time to get to know her cousins. And that huge garden and the weedy strawberry patch!

Her cousins had said it was fun working together. And they had promised Aunt Laura would tell stories to help pass the time, stories of foreign countries she had visited, even some in Africa.

Pictures of lions and zebras, mountains and deserts, ancient cities and pyramids, and black Africans and white-robed Arabs flashed across her mind. This might be an interesting summer even if she could not go to India. It was.

252 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.25" x 8.25"
ISBN: 087813607X
ISBN: 9780878136070
Copyright: 2003
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SUMMARY: Sojourn in Africa by Elizabeth Wagler