Where Little Ones Cry

Harvey Yoder

In the midst of the terror that war brings are the little children. Their stories, a few of which are captured in this book, are not of typical, carefree children. Some of these true accounts have happy endings, but sad trails lead them there.

The purpose of this book is not to entertain but to create awareness of the pain and spiritual darkness that abound in much of Africa in general and in Liberia in particular.

Brief Excerpt

He crept closer to the unguarded pot. His quick glances toward the hut facing the fire did not detect movement. The naked boy was not older than three. Still a toddler, really.

The aroma of the cooking rice drew him within reach of the pot. Boy felt around the fire with his tiny hands. Circling the fire, his fingers fumbled with several large stones.

Ah! Someone had left a small plate. As Boy's eyes distinguished it in the dim light of the glowing coals, he reached for it. Hastily, he moved his fingers around the tin plate. He felt the middle.

There was nothing on the plate. Only a slight stickiness indicated food had been there.

Boy lifted the plate and began licking where his fingers had detected the faintest bit of food. His little tongue darted out, trying to get the flavor of whatever had been there. With a whimper of frustration. Boy let the plate fall to the ground.

As the plate clattered to the hard-packed dirt, a scuffling noise came from within the hut.

"Wayo!" a woman's voice called out. "Who that?" By the time the woman had come to investigate the noise, Boy had disappeared into the shadows, darting away on fear-quieted feet.

168 pages, plus 16-page color photo section -- paperback
Dimensions: 5.5" x 8.5"
ISBN: 1885270348
Copyright: 2004
TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)


SUMMARY: Where Little Ones Cry by Harvey Yoder