A Life Redeemed

Harvey Yoder

Our sovereign God, who has made of one blood all nations, took note of a young Jamaican man, Ludlow Walker. This book is the inspiring story of his journey from his childhood to his current calling as a minister of the Gospel. Along the way, Ludlow wandered around the globe with the Merchant Marines, eventually ending up in Belize as a successful investor and hotel proprietor.

Alas, having achieved his dreams of financial success, Ludlow saw his marriage unravel and his life collapse into hopelessness and deep emptiness. In his darkest hour, he finally turned to the God he had been trying to ignore all his life.

Ludlow pursued friendship and fellowship with the people of God in Hattieville, Belize. They tutored him and prepared him for Kingdom life. Having been baptized, he embraced a "no turning back" vow and is still moving forward in pursuit of the many other lonely souls who are without God in this world.

Being partly Jewish, of African descent, a Jamaican, a Belizean, and an American, Ludlow gives hope to people around the globe that God can put each broken life together again through surrender, redemption, and obedience.

224 pages -- paperback
Dimensions: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9781936208074
Copyright: 2010
TGS International (Christian Aid Ministries)


SUMMARY: A Life Redeemed by Harvey Yoder