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Last updated: July 14, 2010
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When you enter the catalog at the above link, you will have access to a mini-sitemap on almost every catalog page.

That batch of navigational links will connect you to pages for all the grades and subjects in the Rod & Staff curriculum, plus storybooks, coloring books, inspirational books, and other general interest materials.

Each catalog page also features the option to search through the entire catalog directory.

Given below are the main pages in the catalog directory. Because of the way the software runs, it is best to enter the catalog from only one link in this column on this page.

My recommendation is that you enter at the catalog home page. From there you can easily navigate to other pages in the catalog. Catalog Home Preschool Curriculum Grade 1 Curriculum Grade 2 Curriculum Grade 3 Curriculum Grade 4 Curriculum Grade 5 Curriculum Grade 6 Curriculum Grade 7 Curriculum Grade 8 Curriculum Grade 9 Curriculum Grade 10 Curriculum High School Electives Bible Courses English Courses Math Courses Reading Courses Science Courses Social Studies Courses Spelling Courses Art Courses Music Courses Penmanship Courses Graders, Record Books, Cards Maps and Posters Dictionaries Chalkboard Supplies, Etc. Christian Home Books Coloring & Craft Books History Books Inspirational & Doctrinal Books Storybooks: Through Age 7 Storybooks: Ages 8-11 Storybooks: Ages 12-15 Storybooks: Youth & Adult